Congratulations on going solar and doing your part to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in our environment. Your SunPower® solar system will help you save money and help the environment long into the future. You are part of the movement to embrace clean energy with solar power. But now what? How do you keep your solar array producing at top capacity?

The good news for homeowners is that solar panels are mostly low maintenance. Seasonal rain and snow usually take care of the work of washing off most of external buildup. However, you might want to do a monthly inspection to ensure that your system is primed for maximum production.

A small amount of dirt or dust won’t reduce the efficiency much. However, if there is a significant build up over a long period of time there could be a production loss of over 25%.If in addition to that slight debris, there Saharan dust, pollen or even ash from wildfires, homeowners may need to clean their panels. Also, for California residents in the midst of rolling blackouts, keeping solar panels clean so that they produce the maximum power helps reduce strain on the electrical grid.

Hands-on homeowners may feel it necessary to clean their solar panels occasionally. But how do you clean solar panels? It is really best to hire professionals who will use use the right tools and techniques. They will not scratch the glass or void the warranty. Their equipment allows them to clean the panels safely and they should have insurance in case something goes wrong. Your SunPower dealer may clean panels or can make a recommendation for a that can. Prices are usually based per panel and the job typically takes less than an hour to complete.

However, it is really not difficult. For one-story homes, using a soft bristle brush with an extended handle can be all you need. For less accessible rooftops, a high-pressure water hose nozzle from the ground can be used. In both cases, you should clean from a safe and stable position. Never attempt the cleaning from the top of the roof or on a ladder. It is important to make sure the solar system is turned off before cleaning and it is best to do it in the morning before the day heats up.


To run at the maximum efficiency, it is well worth the small amount of maintenance solar energy may require. Plus, homeowners can have confidence in SunPower with the most comprehensive complete-system warranty in the solar industry for any issues that require more than cleaning.