We are often asked by customers if there is enough sun for solar for a solar installation. In a few locations the abundance of sunshine seems ideal for solar. In others, clouds, fog, snow and certain weather patterns make people wonder. But in reality, there very few places in the U.S. where solar doesn’t make sense.

For comparison, Germany gets 38% less sun than Seattle, an area that has a good share of rain and clouds, but solar has been used there very successfully for over 30 years. An analysis of your roof / property will be done to determine the sun-suitability.

In fact, panels in cloudy or snowy areas produce incrementally less energy which means only about 10% more panels may be needed. And in colder areas the energy costs are often higher, so going solar still makes good sense.

Weather conditions can be worked around — getting solar production numbers that offer a good ROI. Solar works best when the panels are unobstructed from 10 am to 3 pm. Shade, however, may limit that exposure, and may not be controllable. If your roof is in the shadow of trees or tall buildings, we’ll work to see what options are available. Our solar consultants will be able to let you know if solar can be in your future. That is most often, ‘YES!’

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